August 13, 2022

Repairing Broken Hazard Lights

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Repairing Broken Hazard Lights

When repairing broken Hazardous Lighting it can be a number of different things that can be causing them not to work. It could be one of the bulbs that has blown, a loose connection from the switch to the bulb or even a faulty switch. It’s important that your hazard warning lights work as if in the event of you even needing to use them you may find yourself stuck and placing yourself in a dangerous situation.

The first and most common problem that may occur on your hazard warning lights are the bulbs. It’s very unlikely that they will all blow at once but if one blows it may just appear as if you’re indicating so it’s important to replace it. Replacing a bulb is not taught on your driving lessons however it’s very easy to find out how to do so. The first step is to refer to the car’s manual in order to find out how your light covers detach from the car whether this be the front or back as it’s different for every car. Once you have detached the light cover you then need to find the hazard warning light and unscrew the bulb to replace it with a new one. It’s a very simple procedure and shouldn’t take any more than five minutes as it’s something you can do yourself cheaply and quickly so don’t bother paying through the roof for a mechanic.

If all the bulbs are working fine then the next port of call is the switch. It may be jammed in which case you wouldn’t be able to push it at all or it may not turn the hazard warning lights on and off when pushed. Replacing the hazard warning light switch is a slightly more complicated job as it’s usually harder to get to and takes some knowledge of the car to be able to remove the correct things to get to the switch; however it’s not impossible to do yourself. Again, as every car is different, the first place to look is the manual to see if there is information about removing the panel where your hazard warning light is located. Another good place to look for how to do this is the internet as many people have experienced the same problem and put resolutions online. Just search your type of car and what you’re looking to do and you may even get a step by step video on how to do so.

The last thing that can go wrong with your hazard warning lights is a connection between your switch and the bulbs. This is a problem, for a mechanic or a car savvy person as getting to the hazard wires can be very complicated as they first run to the indicator switch and from there around the car to the indicator lights. This is a fault that should only happen if your car has been in an accident and one of the wires has been severed, not something that happens over time so you need not to worry.

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